A shop without staff gets no customers

We’re all familiar with the experience of walking into a shop and being greeted by someone just inside the door, before continuing to browse the products. In a larger shop, a few shop assistants might be moving around the floor, folding clothes or labelling items, and there’s almost always a friendly face at the till. If you have questions about sizes or similar, there’ll always be someone to ask.

Now imagine that the shop is empty. You browse the products in peace – but what happens when you don’t find the size you need, or when a price tag is missing? How long does it take before you give up and walk away?

You might not think that a friendly face is what you’re looking for when you browse for products on the web, but in reality, web shops have a lot in common with traditional bricks-and-mortar boutiques. You can check out and pay for your products without a cashier, sure – but before you get that far, you may well need assistance with both finding the right section and choosing the right product. And this is what e-commerce businesses need to understand: if customers can’t get answers to their questions, they will sooner or later walk away. That’s the sale gone – and possibly future sales with it.

Providing the human touch

How do we at 3C Online provide that human touch to make your web shop as appealing and user-friendly, and ultimately functional from a sales perspective, as a physical shop? Firstly, if you’re thinking that web shops don’t actually need to explicitly greet visitors, you’re right of course; that’s not what we’ve come to expect of web shopping experiences, nor would it be cost-efficient for you to try to talk to every customer who clicks their way onto your site. But that’s where our widget comes in. It doesn’t need to do much, and it doesn’t need to be intrusive – it’s just a presence that gives the customer back the power. They’re no longer alone, and the second a question pops into their mind, they can ask it and get the help they need.

Our widget and FAQs help customers every day with simple things like finding the right page and getting answers to the questions most customers have. Many customers don’t need more than this, and they can continue their journey all the way to the checkout page, feeling looked after and happy. But what about all the more complex questions, those you really need that friendly, knowledgeable staff member for?

With service-minded customer support agents, our live chat looks after your customers in real time – and that’s where the human touch really makes a difference. Technology is great, it can be quick and efficient, but it will never get close to the experience of talking to a real human when it comes to trust. As soon as we need that helping nudge, that sense of reassurance about a product or choice, talking to another human being is paramount. Our customer support agents are there when your customers are there, making them seen and looked after and helping them with any questions they may have.

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Huge potential 

We want our clients to see the huge potential in properly staffing their web shops. Between SEO and other digital marketing strategies, so much effort has traditionally gone into bringing web users to specific websites – but few seem to know how to convert those visitors to customers. We do. Our bot and chat widget brings the best of the traditional, physical boutique experience to your modern web shop to make for a user-friendly, safe web shopping experience – with a human touch.