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Customer service and support

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Appointment setting

Hållbar Teknik

Hallbar Teknik performs floor renovations using technology that is gentle on the climate and the environment, while providing a durable and sustainable floor in both public and private settings.

Since 2021, Online has been supporting Hallbar Teknik in connecting with municipalities and regions to schedule meetings. Over two years, more than 500 meetings have been scheduled with an average meeting booking rate of close to 1.0 meetings per hour. What are the success factors?

  1. Hallbar Teknik had a clear understanding of which decision-makers within municipalities and regions should be interested in their product.
  2. Online’s appointment setters representing Hallbar Teknik have gained in-depth knowledge of the company’s offering and product.
  3. The collaboration between Hallbar Teknik and Online has fostered personal relationships between the companies’ employees. This has contributed to the development of arguments, approaches, and loyalty, resulting in a high conversion rate.

Are you yourself considering how to reach more potential customers through active and proactive sales efforts? Feel free to get in touch, and we can discuss how we might be able to assist you.

Customer service


Kopernicus delivers solar panels and installations to individuals in Sweden with the vision of providing high-quality solar panels and energy systems to promote the use of renewable energy. The commitment to technical innovation and a sustainable future aligns with Online’s ambition to provide customers with outstanding support and contribute to a greener world.

Since 2022, 3C Online has been assisting Kopernicus’ customers with troubleshooting inverters, routers, and other solar panel components through a first-line support and customer service. The collaboration has relieved Kopernicus’ internal organization and has provided customers with a high level of accessibility.

What have been the main success factors?

  1. 3C Online has worked closely with Kopernicus to become deeply knowledgeable about their products and services. Through extensive training and the provision of a detailed FAQ from Kopernicus, 3C’s support team can quickly and efficiently provide customers with answers to their questions and offer technical support.
  2. By acting as the primary point of contact for customers and with a clear allocation of responsibility for case management, efficiency has increased, and work hours have been freed up. Kopernicus’ own team can focus on strategic initiatives and further development of their solar panel solutions.
  3. The established collaboration structure has ensured that cases can be escalated when needed to ensure that customers receive the best and most efficient solution to their issues.

The partnership with Kopernicus has been characterized by mutual trust and a strong willingness to collaborate to provide customers with the best possible and frictionless service. With 3C Online’s First Line Support, we have together strengthened the Kopernicus brand and created satisfied and loyal customers.

We are also happy to assist you and your customers in creating as simple and frictionless customer relationships as possible. Get in touch, and we will tell you more.

Leads conversion

Clean Water Tech

Alnarp Cleanwater Technology AB offers wastewater treatment plants for individual sewage systems suitable for both permanent residences and vacation homes. Alnarp Cleanwater wanted to increase sales and enlisted the help of Online for marketing and appointment booking for Alnarp’s sales team.

Here’s what we did:

  1. Alnarp sent a list of property designations to Online. Online added addresses to the property designations and then included contact information for the respective property owners.
  2. A postcard in A5 format was sent to the property owners, introducing Alnarp Cleanwater Technology’s wastewater treatment plants and their benefits.
  3. Approximately a week later, follow-up phone calls were made by Alnarp Cleanwater, conducted by Online’s sales representatives. The purpose of the call was to initiate a dialogue, generate interest in the wastewater treatment plant, and then book a meeting with Alnarp’s sales team.


Alnarp Cleanwater successfully acquired more new customers who purchased a wastewater treatment plant compared to their stated goals. The positive outcome was influenced by three factors:

  1. Alnarp Cleanwater has a very clear target audience, making it easy to identify contact information.
  2. The product has clear economic benefits in the form of cost savings for property owners and is easy to maintain.
  3. Online, in collaboration with Alnarp, developed the communication strategy. A wastewater treatment plant is a technical product, but by creating communication that was easy to understand, it became a simple and natural decision for the customer to show interest in Alnarp Cleanwater’s offering.

We are more than happy to help you strategize how to reach out and generate interest in your products or services, as well as convert potential customers into direct sales leads. Feel free to get in touch, and we will provide more information.


3C Online has been providing 1st line support to Vodafone’s customers since 2019 for the IITC service, Internet in the car. IITC is a Wi-Fi hotspot that provides internet connectivity to the car and other devices.

The support is available year-round from 08:00 to 18:00 and covers Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Through this service, both new and existing customers receive quick assistance with common questions, such as getting started with the service, subscription inquiries, or basic troubleshooting.

Cases that cannot be resolved immediately are escalated to 2nd line support for consultation before providing feedback to the customer. This ensures a smooth and efficient support chain, where 2nd or 3rd line support never has direct contact with the end customer. For more complex cases, customers are always offered temporary services free of charge so they can continue using the service while the issue is being investigated, enhancing the Vodafone experience.

3C Online supports Vodafone by handling less complex cases, relieving the internal organization. For Vodafone’s customers, the customer experience is enhanced by providing fast service with a wait time of under one minute.

We are more than happy to assist you and your customers to simplify everyday life. Feel free to get in touch, and we will provide more information.


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