empathy and EQ

Emotional intelligence (EQ)

Being able to listen and communicate in a way that makes other people feel at ease is a powerful skill in customer service contexts. A customer service representative with a high EQ, then, can truly be worth their weight in gold.

Case appointment setting

2021 års lärdom? Under pandemin har det blivit extra tydligt för oss att vi verkligen måste bli bra på att ställa tydliga krav.

young man in cafe checking his mobile phone

Why knowing your flaws is the secret to success

‘Out of the mouths of babes’, the saying goes – or ‘small children and drunk people’. Might we perhaps suggest adding customers who’ve just interacted with your brand to that list? Because never is a customer more keen to share their honest views with you than immediately after an interaction.

customer service agents in an office

How to avoid rampant customer service costs

Great news: the sales are up! Bad news: so are the customer service costs. Sad but logical reality, right? Not quite. Here’s how to keep the customer service costs from rising.

Team work, all for one and one for all

Why we help you to need us less

Are you worried that we’ll make you depend on us more than necessary by design, to secure long-term work? On the contrary, we’ll help you need us less. Here’s why.