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Technical 1st line support in Sweden and Norway since 2017.

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B2C customer service since 2009.

B2C and B2B customer service since 2008

Technical B2B support 24/7 since 2022.

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30 years of experience in customer service and support • Well-developed collaborative structure • Effective methodology in customer dialogue • Data-driven development


From regular office hours to 24/7/365 in all European languages.

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1st line support, customer service, sales order processing


Customized technical platforms for customer dialogues.


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Customer Service Case Studies

Berg & Berg’s Journey to Outstanding Global Customer Service with 3C Online


Berg & Berg, renowned for their unique collection of high-quality garments, faced the challenge of managing a monthly case volume of 700 to 1000 customer interactions. This number fluctuated with seasonal factors such as sales and the launch of new collections. They sought a solution to streamline their customer service and enhance the customer experience.


The main challenges included:

– Diverse Inquiries: Customers had queries regarding products, pricing, returns, and deliveries.

– Customer Interaction Principles: Ensuring equal and respectful treatment of customers while reflecting Berg & Berg’s brand values.

– Handling Large Volume of Cases: Previously, a single employee managed all cases, often juggling multiple responsibilities.


Our approach included:

– Efficient Query Management: Implementing a system to efficiently handle varied inquiries with precision and expertise.

– Emphasis on Customer Service Principles: Focusing on equal and respectful treatment and going the extra mile to ensure a positive customer experience.

– Resource Optimization: Outsourcing customer service to 3C Online allowed Berg & Berg to concentrate on core business activities, eliminating redundant work and enabling strategic resource allocation.

– Expertise and Efficiency: With three dedicated agents, we managed cases more efficiently, providing prompt responses and expert handling.

– Knowledge Base Enhancement: Outsourcing allowed Berg & Berg’s in-house team to focus on other critical aspects of their brand.

– Timely Responses: Focusing on customer service led to quicker response times, resulting in faster resolution of queries and increased customer satisfaction.


Since partnering with 3C Online, Berg & Berg has experienced significant improvements in customer service. We are proud to have contributed to their success by delivering exemplary customer service, mirroring brand values, and contributing to overall operational improvements. Our commitment to Berg & Berg continues to be to maintain and enhance this positive journey.


Our partnership with Berg & Berg demonstrates 3C Online’s ability to provide superior customer service, not only improving the customer experience but also supporting brand growth and efficiency. Contact us to find out how we can help your business reach new heights in customer service.

Revitalising Retail: How 3C-Online Masterfully Enhances E-commerce Customer Experience [2024]

Customer Case Study: Gudrun Sjödén’s Enhanced Customer Support with 3C Online


Gudrun Sjödén, a distinguished brand in the fashion industry, faced a substantial monthly caseload of 2000 to 2500 cases, fluctuating with seasonal variations. Influenced by factors such as sales, new collections, and promotional offers, the brand required an effective strategy to manage increased customer interactions via telephone and email.


The primary challenges were:

– Handling Large Volume of Cases: Managing a high volume of cases through telephone calls and emails.

– Diverse Customer Inquiries: Addressing varied queries including product information, pricing, returns, deliveries, and complaint resolution.

– Specific Customer Demographics: Catering to a unique customer age group of 50-90 years old, necessitating tailored communication and service approaches.


Our approach included:

– Efficient Case Management: Implementing effective strategies to manage the high volume of cases.

– Targeted Customer Service: Employing patience, clear communication, and flexibility to cater to the older demographic.

– Regular Client Communication: Maintaining monthly scheduled meetings and daily communication via Slack and Microsoft Teams to ensure alignment with client needs.

– Deep Understanding of Client Needs: Developing a profound understanding of Gudrun Sjödén’s business, needs, and expectations to tailor our services precisely.

– Youthful and Ambitious Team: Leveraging the dynamism and dedication of our young team to go the extra mile for customer and client satisfaction.


Since April 2023, our collaboration with Gudrun Sjödén has grown into a robust partnership. This relationship has enabled us to establish strong rapport and excellent communication not only with Gudrun Sjödén but also with their customers, enhancing the overall customer experience. We are well-positioned to continue delivering high-quality services and achieving greater success in the future.


The partnership between 3C Online and Gudrun Sjödén exemplifies our ability to adapt and provide superior customer service, particularly to a unique demographic. We are committed to sustaining this level of service excellence and are excited to explore further advancements in our collaboration. Contact us to learn how we can elevate your customer service experience.


Effective customer service requires structured work – what seems spontaneous actually requires careful planning and daily routines.
Some of the most important pillars:

  1. Structured processes:
    Defined tasks and clear roles are essential for effective customer service delivery. What do we want to achieve together? What should we do? What should we not do? Who is responsible for what?
  2. Clear goals and metrics:
    Setting goals with measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) together with the client and building a good relationship ensures transparency and accountability. This results in improvement measures being more easily identified and implemented.
  3. Appropriate skills and resources:
    Analysing what competencies are required and having the necessary resources available are critical to success. Every client we serve gets a tailor-made solution.
  4. Continuous training and improvement:
    Ongoing training and skill development maintains high performance, efficiency and it also promotes growth within the teams.
  5. Methods and technology:
    Implementing structured methods and using appropriate technology optimises service levels.

Offering great customer service requires tailored structures and smart processes. But by having the right resources and technology in place, high level customer service can be provided easier and more efficiently. The result is happy customers at  reduced costs. Outstanding customer service is much less about personalities and much more about experience, structure, skills and technology.

Read more about how 3C Online works to ensure satisfied customers!

We believe that a customer service organization should be evaluated on four key performance indicators:

  1. Customer service cost per volume of orders
  2. Percentage of customer service cases out of the volume of orders
  3. Cost per case
  4. Customer satisfaction

Align your customer service goals with these metrics, and you’ll have effective management and development that supports your business. Read more here.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is about understanding and regulating emotions in order to communicate empathetically and create security. EQ and its connection to customer service is critical in outsourcing. In addition to choosing the right outsourcing partner, continuous EQ development for the customer service department is of great importance.

EQ is crucial in customer service to create peace and security for customers. Studies show that EQ investments increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, potentially with impressive ROI. Strategies include EQ training, continuous evaluation of EQ levels, and promoting knowledge sharing within the team.

The measurement of EQ effects takes place through KPIs such as Customer Effort Score (CES) and empathy index. Additionally, the ROI for EQ development is said to be calculated by dividing the profit increase by the EQ investment and multiplying by 100. Investing in EQ training opens up new growth opportunities, which can turn outsourced customer service into a valuable investment rather than just a cost.

Learn more about emotional intelligence and its importance to outsourced customer service.

We believe that technological solutions should contribute to streamlining or making customer service more efficient, but not at the expense of the customer experience. The customer’s expectation based on your service promise must always remain at the forefront.

We consider the real strength to be in combining technical solutions to prevent or streamline repetitive and simple cases with human abilities to create reassurance in handling complex cases or situations that promote sales and customer loyalty.

Here is an insightful article: How AI and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) will shape customer service in 2024 and beyond.  


About 3C Online

£5 million annual turnover

Top 10 clients in revenue: 5.6 yrs as clients

Services in the UK and the Nordics

Follows ISO 27001

Average age 34 years

Average employment time 3.8 yrs

e-NPS 30

Net Promoter Score 53

>130 employees

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Outsourced customer service to 3C Online increases your customers’ customer experience in a cost-effective and frictionless way. Benefit from our 30 years of experience and free up valuable time and resources to focus on your core business. With a strong focus on results and regular reporting of the key figures that matter most to you and your customers, we ensure that the quality of the service we deliver will keep your customers satisfied – both now and in the future.

What does outsourced customer service mean?
– and why should you do it?

Your customers are your most valuable asset. So, is it wise to outsource their management? Choosing an external customer service involves both opportunities and risks. When outsourcing customer service, it’s crucial that you and the provider work closely together, based on a mutual understanding of the goals, responsibilities, customer interaction, handling of inquiries, and the process of feedback and reporting. The opportunities you gain include cost-effectively elevating your company’s customer experience to the next level. You’ll have access to the knowledge, technology, and expertise of a company specializing in customer service. By partnering with us, your company can focus on its core activities while we handle all aspects of customer contacts. It’s a smart move to ensure that every customer interaction is a positive experience, whether initiated by the customer or proactively by us.

Here’s why companies are motivated to outsource customer service to 3C Online:

  • Cost-effective

Significant cost savings can be achieved by avoiding the need to hire, train, and develop your own customer support team. Savings can also be made in infrastructure and technology. By outsourcing your customer service to us, you avoid the expense of setting up your own call center, investing in advanced software, and managing IT infrastructure. With us, your customers receive secure and excellent service, while you get the chance to focus on your core business. Are there any risks? Certainly. Outsourcing isn’t just about reducing costs. We need to work together to create a structure that ensures your customers experience seamless contact with you. This means making it easy for them to get in touch, ensuring their issues are handled in the best way possible, and making them feel safe and well taken care of.

  • Scalable

Outsourcing your customer service offers the flexibility to handle varying customer volumes. During peak times, we can scale up to meet increased demand, and in quieter periods, we can reduce staffing. This avoids the challenges of maintaining a constantly staffed internal team. You can be assured that service levels are maintained regardless of customer flow. With outsourcing, your business gains a nimble and efficient customer service that adapts to your needs. Are there any risks? Certainly, the better our forecasting and anticipation of expected volumes, the higher the likelihood that your customers will enjoy a seamless experience. This is in both our interests. Utilizing AI and data points from both your and our systems, we can make reliable and accurate forecasts that ensure we always have the right staffing levels.

  • Top class skills

Have you ever experienced first-class customer support from a top-tier customer service agent? Our goal, in partnership with you, is to provide your customers with such an experience. We place great emphasis on emotional intelligence and personalities with a strong focus on solutions, ensuring all customer interactions are seamless. What are the risks? Each customer service dialogue is a result of our collaboration. Through close cooperation, we ensure there are structured approaches to handling various issues, that the agent engaging with your customers is well-trained, has access to guidelines, manuals, and written documentation, that we have defined what quality means, how we track customer satisfaction, and that we jointly identify areas for improvement.

  • Focus on your core business to do what you are best at

With outsourced customer service to us, you free up your time to do what you do best – develop & innovate your business. We take care of your customers, while you focus on growing your business and its revenue.

  • Satisfied customers through performance you can measure

We offer efficient, relevant, and friction-free outsourced customer service – exactly what your business needs. With our proactive experts and dedicated teams, who are well-trained in preventing and resolving customer issues, we ensure that every customer interaction enhances the perception of your brand. We use the key performance indicators (KPIs) important to you, to meticulously track performance and ensure that your customers are not just satisfied, but also return. Are there risks? Yes, in customer service, there is a plethora of KPIs. Let’s focus on those most important to your customers. Common KPIs to monitor include AWT (Average Waiting Time), AHR (Average Handling Time), FCR (First Contact Resolution), and of course, one of the customer satisfaction metrics like CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), CES (Customer Effort Score), or NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Outsourced customer service with 3C Online offers many benefits: everything from reducing costs, increasing scalability, leveraging expertise, focusing on core business and ensuring customer satisfaction. It is these advantages that can form the basis for a significant change in the business landscape, both today and in the future. Outsourced customer service to an external expert like us is a smart strategic adjustment that can provide far-reaching benefits for your company and strengthen your position in the market.

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Experts in customer service

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