How the UK’s customer service crisis can be a golden opportunity for you

Time and time again, surveys and reports show that customer service in the UK is in crisis – and since the pandemic, the verdict is worse than ever. As many as 93% of customers recently reported having turned their back on a brand because of poor customer service, with many threatening to share their negative experiences online.

What does this mean in practical terms? UK businesses are shedding customers and losing out – and significantly so. One Ombudsman Services report declared that a whopping £37 billion is at stake. It’s expensive to be cheap, to adapt a relevant Dolly Parton quote.

Here’s another way to put it: Where many UK businesses look at customer service – whether in-house or outsourced – as a cost, some of their more successful Scandinavian counterparts know that it is in fact an investment. And it’s an investment that pays off.

The good news for you

So, what’s the flip side of the coin? Well, among other things, the very same reports that show how much UK businesses are losing by letting their customers down also show that there is another way, because customers are very clear on what they want. More than seven out of ten consumers said that they tend to recommend a brand after a positive customer service experience, and 34% asserted that they are willing to pay more for good service.

As a result, one survey showed, companies who truly care about customer satisfaction enjoy an annual 6.1% increase in service revenue and 89% customer retention. Customer service, in other words, is not a necessary evil to be scrimped on; it’s a hugely effective tool for growth.

Unhappy customers, on the other hand – there’s a huge cost.

Nipping issues in the bud

From where we sit, none of this is surprising. Every day, we help our business partners to be there for their customers and, by extension, cut the number of cases that need to be escalated further significantly. We don’t just answer quickly, but we go the extra mile as well, which means that queries are dealt with before they become real problems.

Not long ago, a business we work with in Sweden asked us to take over their UK contract as well, as they weren’t happy with their current UK partner. Working with customer service providers throughout Europe, they found us to be among the very best. We’re not cheaper – but we’re worth what they pay, and more, because we care and add value.

We can’t say for sure, but we’re wondering if it’s a cultural shift that’s about to happen. We have our roots in a Scandinavian customer service tradition, where customer expectations have been high for quite some time already.

Now UK customers are demanding more, and in this shift lies an opportunity: Are you going to invest, stand out, and reap the benefits, or are you going to scrimp and keep losing out?

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