Employee profile: meet Hampus Jonsson, sales agent at 3C Online

“It’s a very open-minded culture and we work independently a lot, which people value.”

Meet Hampus Jonsson, sales agent, who loves independence and thrives on trust.

What were you doing before you joined 3C Online?

I was working with sales at a different company. It was telesales, just like what I do now at 3C Online, and I was there for about two years. After that, I felt it was time to try something new.

When you applied for a job at 3C Online, what were you looking for in a job, and what was your impression of 3C Online? 

I was actually happy in my old job but just felt that I’d been there a while and that I was ready for a new challenge. A former colleague had started at 3C Online and recommended it. He said there was a good atmosphere, that it was a great company to work for and that I should apply, so I did.

What do you remember about the onboarding process and what it was like when you first started at 3C Online?

It’s not something I thought about much at the time, but initially it was a lot like other places. I did a short product training, as is usually the case when you work in sales. But after the full training I felt pretty quickly that they trusted me. After that, I simply started selling – and I got a lot of responsibility quickly.

Tell us about your job at 3C Online now.

I work as a sales agent selling electricity contracts over the phone, which means that I talk to customers from all over Sweden. It involves calling so-called ’cold clients’ and trying to sell in and convey the brand as well as possible.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I talk to a lot of customers from all over Sweden every day. We have a script that we follow at the start, but you learn pretty quickly what works best – it sounds more genuine when you find your own approach.

I work mostly independently. If I’m having a slow day, I can always pop in to see one of my managers and we can listen to calls and talk about what needs improving, but they really trust me and trust that I can work it out if things aren’t going great. In many other places, you’ll have someone talking over your shoulder, telling you what to do, and perhaps you don’t have all that much independence that way. I usually know what I’m doing wrong if things are slow, and I can fix it. Then it’s just a case of keeping calling.

How would you describe the culture at 3C Online?

I’m really happy here. The atmosphere is light and easy-going, the colleagues are fun and we do things together, like playing ping pong during the breaks. It’s a very open-minded culture and we work independently a lot, which people value. Things feel pretty straight-forward – if something’s up, you just go to a manager and talk about it.

What is it that makes you enjoy your job at 3C Online, and that makes you stay?

I like what I sell and feel that I get paid well for the work I do, in addition of course to getting on really well with my colleagues and managers. But the independence and responsibility, that’s a big part of it – that they trust me. They know that everyone can have a bad day, but they also know that we’re well able to turn it around – and that feels good.