Why we have the best employee retention rate in the industry

In an industry that’s long been characterised by a stubborn profit focus without patience and foresight, with the result that many young people in particular have borne the brunt of employers who couldn’t keep their promises, Online Sweden provides a strong, stable counterbalance.

For almost 30 years, we have demonstrated that we genuinely want to invest in people who have the desire to develop – something our record-breaking staff retention numbers are proof of.

So how do we do it, and why do our employees choose to stay?

  1. We’re serious and offer continuity, security and care

We take responsibility and do everything we can do as an employer. That might sound like a given, but in our experience that’s not always been the case in this industry.

We also believe in building relationships – with customers and clients, naturally, but also with our staff. We know that down-to-earth leadership can be crucial to how we experience our place of work, and we believe very strongly in showing that we care, in all relationships. When we show that we care about our employees we can make good progress together, through care for each other and the organisation.

  1. We’re a reasonably flat organisation where everyone’s involved – and having fun

We’re at our best when we work together – that’s an expression our employees are used to us repeating over and over again. In reality, we don’t always work very closely together, and many of our team members have duties that require individual discipline and motivation – but despite that, we know that collaboration and shared responsibility are what contribute to success and new opportunities.

Everyone has ideas that can contribute to the development of the business, and in order for the organisation to grow in a healthy, sustainable way, we must listen to ideas and views from across the different parts of the business. That’s why we work hard to show that our door’s always open to all kinds of thoughts and suggestions, so that together, we can create an innovative, creative environment where each individual can solve problems and make a difference.

But it’s not just about the success of the organisation in terms of KPIs and profits. We’re convinced that everyone is at their most creative and motivated in a context where they’re happy and having fun. For us, it’s important to create a work place where we don’t just challenge each other but also continuously discuss, laugh and grow together. That way, we can work effectively towards a shared goal.

  1. We believe in equality and spot potential

We like to talk about potential. That’s because we know that the right person in the right job isn’t always the same as whichever person has the most experience or traditional merits. On the contrary, we believe that notion is a lousy remnant from a past that risked missing out on incredible co-workers simply because they didn’t have fancy papers from renowned universities.

Both during recruitment and when it comes to our day-to-day work, we instead focus on who you are as a person. The most important thing for us is that our employees have enthusiasm, potential and motivation – and that they want to and are able to develop and learn in order to be a part of our collective journey ahead.

Do you want to join us on that journey? Welcome to apply for one of our vacancies here.