IKEA helps to prove our point about live chat

When a 3C Online team member recently needed help to find the right doors for an IKEA wardrobe, they quickly realised that IKEA proves something we often go on about when it comes to customer service: that human presence on the web can boost both the customer experience and sales.

It was late on a Saturday afternoon the other week that one of our team members set out to buy a wardrobe on ikea.com and, by sheer curiosity, decided to try the live chat, which was still open despite the late hour and it being a weekend.

This is how the conversation went:

IKEA: Hi! How can I help you today?

Customer: I need help to find doors for this wardrobe. They should be white.

IKEA: I’ll certainly be able to help you with that.

She went on to explain which product alternatives were available, where they could be purchased, and the available delivery options. Our colleague received links to the relevant products in the live chat and thanked her for the help.

IKEA: No problem. I don’t suppose you might want to complement that with a few knobs or handles?

Customer: I’m sure I will, but we want to put together the wardrobe itself first. Thanks for your help!

IKEA: Excellent. I’ll wait while you prepare your basket, and then I’ll help to check what’s available in terms of delivery when you’re done!

It’s that easy.

IKEA manages to answer the customer’s question and at the same time up-sell and add to the customer experience. Quickly and in a pleasant manner, the customer gets their questions answered as well as relevant information about an appropriate product, in addition to potential future questions about availability and delivery being prevented.

Once again, it’s confirmed that:

  • service and sales go hand in hand;
  • good customer service is worth investing in;
  • and it’s worth collaborating with sales organisations that understand and care about the customer’s needs.

We like to insist that human presence in a web shop is crucial when it comes to customer service. Thank you, IKEA, for proving our point!