Here’s how satisfied our customers are

The results from our autumn 2021 customer satisfaction survey

The customer satisfaction survey that was carried out among our customers in the autumn of 2021 shows consistently positive results. We’re doing particularly well in terms of how we treat our clients, our ability to collaborate and our availability.

We want to thank all our customers who took the time to share their thoughts and opinions. Thanks to valuable feedback we can keep delivering valuable services to you.

So what did the 2021 customer satisfaction survey tell us?

We continue to score highly in terms of CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score)

Asked the below questions, customer respond with a score from 0 to 100, and the average is the CSAT.

  • If you consider your experience of 3C Online, how satisfied are you overall?
  • How well does 3C Online meet your expectations of a company that should promote sales to and/or service for your customers?
  • Imagine the perfect company for helping you to boost the customer experience among your customers. How close to or far from that ideal company do you feel that 3C Online is?

We got a CSAT of 81.5, which is considered to be very high.

Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) remains high

To calculate NPS, customers are asked to estimate from 1 to 10 how likely they are to recommend 3C Online to a friend or colleague who needs help with sales or customer service. The NPS score is calculated by dividing the percentage of customers who are ambassadors (which is those who give a score of 9 or 10) by the percentage that are critics (giving a score from 0 to 6). Our grade point average has gone up this year to 8.7, compared to last year’s 8.3. Since we only have 6.7% critics and the rest are ambassadors (60%) or passive, we get an NPS of 53.

Why our customers choose 3C Online

Great trust and commitment, desire to help and, in hindsight with all facts on hand, an amazing service.”

Proactive, innovative and loyal collaborative partner.”

Good quality and good prices. Flexible. Perceptive.”

Good service, great quality. They care about our brand and take pride in their own brand.”

3C Online are professional, innovative and in touch with the market.”

Very committed to joint growth and development for the best results, for both business and customer experience.”

Always pleasant and easy to work with.”

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What has happened since 2020?

We’re pleased to note that we still have customers who appreciate us and want to continue to work with us. Both CSAT and NPS remain next to unchanged, and just like in 2020, we have very few critics.

The proportion of customers who think that 3C Online is better than our competitors has increased, possibly in part as a result of more people answering the question, which indicates that more of them have experience of other suppliers.

When it comes to the evaluation of 3C Online based on positive value statements, the results have improved somewhat for most, but our highest ratings are, just like in 2020, for the values reliability, responsibility and quality.

What do our customers say about their future with us?

Over the next two years, half of 3C Online’s clients believe that their needs will increase. A quarter believe that their collaboration with us will remain more or less unchanged. Within sales in particular, there’s a clear increase in demand. A whopping 60% predict an increase or a substantial increase in the next two years. Regardless of the type of service, no one predicts that they will cut down on the services they buy from us in any major way, which we are naturally very happy about.


About the survey

This customer satisfaction survey is meant to collate both quantitative measures and qualitative information about the relationship with and perception of 3C Online and our services.

The result is also meant to identify the areas and measures that impact satisfaction and loyalty, and which priorities we should make.

The purpose of the survey is to find out:

  • What are the customers’ experience of 3C Online?
  • How well is 3C Online doing in a number of areas/touchpoints?
  • Which areas drive satisfaction and which need to be prioritised in order to achieve increased loyalty and customer satisfaction?
  • Future growth areas?
  • Key figures to measure over time.

The survey was conducted as per the below:

Method:                                  Individual e-mail links to web survey

Target audience:                   3C Online customers

Selection:                                Register using e-mail address

Response rate:                       50%

Length of interview:             5 minutes

Survey conductor:                 Market Insight AB