Your expertise + our experience = increased conversion, sales and customer satisfaction

You’re an expert in all things digital – and yet, the customers keep on contacting you. We add the human touch so that your potential customers don’t leave your platforms and you can instead boost sales by 20%.

For almost 30 years, we’ve been delivering outsourced customer support and sales. We know this stuff. We don’t just listen – we understand what your customers want, and we help you to remove problems and nuisances, to cut your customer service costs, and to boost sales while increasing customer satisfaction.

We help you improve – and this is how we do it:

  • A dynamic widget with FAQs on your platform – so that the customer doesn’t need to get in touch with customer support
  • We are where your customers are (phone, email, chat, social media)
  • We speak the languages your customers speak
  • Service-trained sales agents 8am to 10pm
  • Help with everything from technical support to account management and product choice
  • We run customer satisfaction surveys and measure performance
  • We provide recommendations for improvements
  • Reporting in real time with response times, case handling times, and more

By giving your customers the opportunity of self-service, we can focus on the customer relationships that really need it and thereby cut your customer service costs while improving the customer experience.

A sustainable partnership

We don’t want to stand on the sidelines pointing fingers, or go off and do the customer support work in isolation. We want to play an active role in the development of your organisation, collaborating with you on solutions to existing problems and helping you to understand why your customers behave the way they do.

As we identify future needs, we translate them into action plans that contribute to increasing your market shares and your business value, while we continuously lead and keep developing your customer support team, which benefits both participation and individual development.

We believe in focusing on what you’re good at. And where humans really excel is not efficiency – that’s for you to easily automise with the right navigation and systems on your site. But no robot or code in the world can contribute with experience and feeling. That’s why you need both.

Well-being is contagious – when our staff stay, so do your customers

Perhaps it’s no coincidence that we’re leaders in the industry with regards to employment length. We know that you can’t fake experience and feeling, and we know that a high turnover of staff creates insecure relationships and inefficient dialogues. We work hard to create the kind of work environment that makes for happy employees – and that makes a difference for our customers.

With our methodology, our customers have made cost savings of up to 30%, while at the same time getting happier customers. With your digital expertise and our experience and knowledge, we can do the very same for you.

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