Why we help you to need us less

Like any agreement, the contract we draw up with new clients is based on careful analysis of their needs, the ways in which we can help, and exactly where our responsibilities begin and end. As customer service and sales experts, we can advise you on the most effective way to set things up. But does that mean that we’ll create a relationship where you depend on us more than necessary by design, to secure long-term work? Quite the opposite, in fact.

As we get to know you and your marketing strategies and define the customer promise we need to deliver on, we bring to the table close to 30 years’ experience as well as expert insight into the latest developments in the customer support industry, and then make informed recommendations on what we think your customer service should look like. This includes everything from suggestions on platform choices and the design of any FAQs to recommendations for monitoring and reporting. And, crucially, it includes an honest chat about what you don’t need – and how you can save money.

Find the flaws and fix them

Could you pay us to sit and deal with every issue and every question of each and every visitor to your site? Sure, but it’s not the most sensible solution, nor is it particularly cost effective. Not only do we know from experience that a majority of customer queries can be resolved with a well-designed FAQ widget. We also know that there are ways to prevent a multitude of issues before your customers even need to contact you – and isn’t that the epitome of excellent customer service?

Why is it that so many customers contact you with the same questions? Why do they struggle to find the item they need, and why do many of them get stuck at the same point on their journey? Some issues relate to UX design, some to a simple lack of information, and others still go back to the R&D stage. But all can be fixed.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to redesign your products. We might, however, make recommendations. Think of it as free research, as a beneficial knock-on effect of outsourcing your customer support to us. Perhaps there are automised systems you can put in place – like dispatch and delivery messages or a banking self-service app – and remove the need for an entire chain of communications as a result. Answering the same question about the same product flaw or website glitch a thousand times is not good customer service. Fixing the flaw or glitch is.

Sustainable customer service – everybody wins

So are we rationalising away the need for the very service we provide? Of course not. But just like you, we’re in this for the long haul. And let’s be honest: no one wants to contact customer support. No matter how lovely and helpful we are, no one likes to spend their afternoon chatting to us. With great UX and a flawless customer experience, you’ll make your customers happy – and happy customers stay. And as your customer base grows, the number of exceptional queries that do in fact need to be dealt with by a professional customer service agent increases. Because, as we’re always keen to point out, there are situations where no automised messages or FAQs will do, like when a customer needs the reassurance of a real human being, a helping hand on the road to a big, important purchase.

We want to help you to automise, effectivise, and improve. You’ll save money, and you’ll get happier customers who stay for longer. It’s a sustainable win-win for everyone involved.