Why knowing your flaws is the secret to success

‘Out of the mouths of babes’, the saying goes – or ‘small children and drunk people’. Might we perhaps suggest adding customers who’ve just interacted with your brand to that list? Because never is a customer more keen to share their honest views with you than immediately after an interaction.

Most keen of all to tell you how they feel about you are probably customers who are frustrated, angry or disappointed. Those who have been very positively surprised might gladly wax lyrical too. Any overwhelming emotion is sure to get people talking – but especially so if said overwhelming emotion is of the upsetting kind.

Not very pleasant, you might say, to sit and listen someone pointing out all your flaws – and that’s true, of course. But surround yourself with yay-sayers, and you’ll never grow and improve. You don’t need to listen to the converted in order to preach to them. You need to learn from those with first-hand experience of your flaws. It might hurt a little, but that’s growth for you. It’s the people who’ve wanted to throw their smartphone out the window after dealing with a glitch on your site who can really help you.

Simple and cost-effective, with impressive response rates

With timely, straight-forward follow-up surveys, Tellmenow helps you make the most of that opportunity. Simple questions make it easy for your customers to take part, as evidenced by as many as 40% of them typically responding. What’s more, a whopping 80% of those who do respond answer again when they’re sent a follow-up question. This is a golden opportunity to get useful information from those who’ve experienced a problem, so that you can fix what’s bothering them, apologise and make them feel valued, and make sure that others don’t have to come up against the same problem.

Data, naturally, is only as valuable as what you make of it. Tellmenow should only be one part of your customer satisfaction research. You need to conduct qualitative surveys too to find out about your customers’ lifestyles, product preferences and habits – and then you need to join the dots. If Pete gets consistently low scores along with comments about an unpleasant tone, you obviously need to talk to Pete. But Sarah’s customers, who give her top scores, are complaining about an awkward checkout process. Data retrieved elsewhere will be able to tell you why – and maybe even which e-commerce sites to be inspired by.

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It’s not one thing or the other; you can and should do both. What makes Tellmenow so advantageous is the fact that it’s automated and therefore so cost-effective. It’s a constant finger on the pulse, with an impressive response rate, meaning you never have to guess what your customers think about you again.

What’s worse than being told that your website navigation is terrible? Not finding out – and losing your customers over it. With Tellmenow alongside your qualitative customer surveys, you can keep boosting sales as well as customer loyalty.