Problem solving when times are tough – how we help businesses and managers cut costs and secure growth

It’s easy to get bogged down by the doom and gloom of news reporting, but complacency won’t help. Tough times call for conscious action and careful planning. If you’re a business leader and unsure how to strike that balance between investment and considered cuts, read on. We think we can help.

While the biggest headache for most business leaders in 2022 was about the struggle to find qualified candidates in a hugely competitive labour market, the key challenge for 2023 looks likely to revolve around financial stability. Perhaps you still need more hands on deck – but those energy bills won’t pay themselves, and no one wants to take risks during a recession.

So how can you tighten the belt without your entire organisation grinding to a halt? We might have just the solution for you. Here are three key reasons why outsourcing your customer service and sales to 3C Online is a wise business decision – at any time, really, but in particular during a recession.

  1. Save money by holding off on hiring permanent staff you’re not sure you need

What we offer is a package that ebbs and flows along with your needs. During peak sales periods, you need professional, qualified customer service agents to answer your customers’ questions and help them with any issues – otherwise your risk losing their custom. But at quieter times, it might be sales staff and lead generation you need. Perhaps at times you don’t need extra personnel at all. Working with us means that you don’t need to take on permanent staff, with all the costs and commitments that involves.

What’s more, if your needs tend to change very suddenly, we’ll adapt. Think of it as an accordion that can be adjusted to bring more people in when there’s an out-of-the-blue boom or cut the customer service team down when there’s a sudden need to streamline things and tighten the belt. We can step in like an overflow service at short notice or as a constant for consistency over a longer period of time.

  1. Save time by avoiding recruitment and training, and get qualified hands on deck right away

Forget laborious recruitment procedures, training and ongoing management of new staff. We’re used to hitting the ground running and thinking on our feet. Our fully trained customer service representatives can come on board swiftly and smoothly, as and when your organisation needs it, while you focus on driving your business forward.

  1. Effectivize your organisation with insight from us so that you can cut costs now – and future-proof your business

When you outsource customer support or sales to us, we share insights based on decades of experience to help you identify ways to effectivise and future-proof your business. Where are the flaws that cause problems for your customers and lead to the majority of customer support calls, and how can you fix them to get happier customers and cut costs? How can your systems be improved and future issues prevented? With more than 30 years of experience and expertise, we can spot patterns and weaknesses quickly and make educated suggestions of how to turn them around.

As we’ve argued before, investing in quality customer service can be your chance to stand out from the crowd in a B2C environment where more and more customers are unhappy and ready to walk away.

We can help you quickly, now – and bring results that last long into the future.

Questions? We’d love to talk to you!