Killing the myth of the poor, disempowered call centre worker

Picture a call centre. You see rows and rows of desks in an open space, right? Flourescent lighting, a relentless lifting and putting back down of phones, a slight sense of fear in the air. Old ideas of telemarketing die hard.

Sadly, some of this is true in many parts of the world, where call centre work is low-wage work, often disempowering in nature and strict in terms of routines and systems. Think Excel spreadsheets tracking how long each worker speaks to each customer, with outcomes measured in metrics of calls per hour as opposed to customer satisfaction or sales figures.

We’re here to tell you that it’s time to change how you look at telemarketing and customer service work. Things are changing – and we are different. At 3C Online, we believe in a combination of individual responsibility and a sense of solidarity between colleagues. We focus on continuous growth, camaraderie, and ongoing support.

Scandinavian business culture meets British sales confidence

As a business with its roots in Sweden, 3C Online takes the best of Scandinavian leadership style and corporate culture and brings it to the heart of the British sales tradition. We allow our sales people and customer support representatives to be involved, always aware of both goals and expectations – and when their hard work pays off and their efforts make an impact, they’re the first to know.

Forget algorithms and standardised calls – we put the human at the heart of the office, just like we put the human at the heart of each customer support conversation we take on. In line with the Scandinavian work ethos, we believe in clarity and proper support for all staff members. Because that’s when they’re happiest – and when they’re happy, they perform well.

The cherry on top of our Scandinavian-inspired London office is the proud British sales tradition, one that doesn’t apologise or hesitate when presenting a good deal. We know that sales techniques must be adapted to suit each market, and we know that the British are experts at selling with pride. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, as they say.

No disempowering routines or fluorescent lighting here – just unending support and expertly confident sales staff. Now go ahead and picture that call centre again…