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Technical 1st line support in Sweden and Norway since 2017.

Customer service for the Parkster parking app since 2018.

B2C customer service in Sweden since 2009.

Technical B2B support 24/7 in the UK.

B2C and B2B customer service since 2008

Unlock Europe’s Business Potential with 3C Online:

Expanding your American business into Europe presents exciting prospects along with unique challenges, including cultural subtleties and complex regulations. At 3C Online, we are your trusted partner, offering unmatched expertise to help you turn your European aspirations into concrete achievements.

Navigating European Market Dynamics and Cultural Customization: 
Understanding the nuances of Europe’s diverse market is essential. With variations across Europe’s different cultures, it’s crucial to adapt your approach to advertising, sales and customer service. Based in London, 3C Online is uniquely positioned to provide customized solutions that align with the cultural, linguistic and regulatory intricacies of the European market.

Compliance and Crafting an Effective Brand Identity: 
Crafting a robust online brand identity in Europe requires finesse in a couple of ways that differ from in the United States. 1) Navigating the European legal landscape, including GDPR, demands careful consideration. However, our practical solutions enable you to navigate the GDPR landscape while focusing on your core business activities. 2) European markets (unlike the U.S.) tend to favor a more subtle, product-focused and humble marketing approach. But with our innovative strategies and localized campaigns, we’ll ensure your brand resonates effectively with your target audience.

Strategic Talent Management, Market Entry and Sales Optimization:
Efficiently managing talent and understanding European labor laws is also pivotal. 3C Online’s London-based call center offers benefits such as a multilingual and culturally aware workforce, favorable time zone positioning and simplified compliance with European labor laws and GDPR regulations. Another critical factor is choosing the right timing and location for market entry. 3C Online’s London location provides specialized knowledge, valuable insights and support for optimizing your approach.

3C Online as your partner can be key in unlocking the potential of the European market. With tailored solutions, compliance expertise and a successful track record, we offer a comprehensive strategy for your European business expansion. Contact us today to embark on a journey to transform your European business dreams into tangible success.

Why Outsourcing Customer Support and Call Centre Services Should be Part of Your Expansion Plan

Outsourcing customer service and call centre services can offer a wide range of advantages. These could be anything from reducing your costs, scalability, access to trained professionals, increased efficiency through the use of the latest technology, around the clock availability, GDPR compliance, the list goes on… However, we think the best reason is the results we achieve for our clients each and every day.

Additionally, outsourcing allows your business to focus on its core operations while relying on experts like us to handle customer interactions efficiently and effectively. This approach enables seamless integration within the business, ensuring increased growth and sales for you as well as a consistent and top notch experience for your customers.

It’s worth explicitly mentioning that at 3C Online, we never lose sight of the fact that we are representing you to your customers. We take our role in this relationship extremely seriously. We have a strong record of getting increased conversions for our customers while representing them and their brand very professionally. 

Premier Customer Support

Offering 24/7 multilingual support to ensure your customers always have a positive experience.

Market Entry Strategy

Guidance on navigating Europe’s regulatory landscape, cultural differences, and market trends.

Lead Generation

Harness our expertise to build your European customer base effectively.

Customer Case: Global Fashion Retail

Berg & Berg’s Journey to Outstanding Customer Service with 3C Online


Berg & Berg, renowned for their unique collection of high-quality garments, faced the challenge of managing a monthly case volume of 700 to 1000 customer interactions. This number fluctuated with seasonal factors such as sales and the launch of new collections. They sought a solution to streamline their customer service and enhance the customer experience.


The main challenges included:

– Diverse Inquiries: Customers had queries regarding products, pricing, returns, and deliveries.

– Customer Interaction Principles: Ensuring equal and respectful treatment of customers while reflecting Berg & Berg’s brand values.

– Handling Large Volume of Cases: Previously, a single employee managed all cases, often juggling multiple responsibilities.


Our approach included:

– Efficient Query Management: Implementing a system to efficiently handle varied inquiries with precision and expertise.

– Emphasis on Customer Service Principles: Focusing on equal and respectful treatment and going the extra mile to ensure a positive customer experience.

– Resource Optimization: Outsourcing customer service to 3C Online allowed Berg & Berg to concentrate on core business activities, eliminating redundant work and enabling strategic resource allocation.

– Expertise and Efficiency: With three dedicated agents, we managed cases more efficiently, providing prompt responses and expert handling.

– Knowledge Base Enhancement: Outsourcing allowed Berg & Berg’s in-house team to focus on other critical aspects of their brand.

– Timely Responses: Focusing on customer service led to quicker response times, resulting in faster resolution of queries and increased customer satisfaction.


Since partnering with 3C Online, Berg & Berg has experienced significant improvements in customer service. We are proud to have contributed to their success by delivering exemplary customer service, mirroring brand values, and contributing to overall operational improvements. Our commitment to Berg & Berg continues to be to maintain and enhance this positive journey.


Our partnership with Berg & Berg demonstrates 3C Online’s ability to provide superior customer service, not only improving the customer experience but also supporting brand growth and efficiency. Contact us to find out how we can help your business reach new heights in customer service.

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