Case appointment setting


One of the largest audit firms on the Swedish market with tax advisory and audit services uses 3C Online to increase the number of meetings with potential new clients. These are our experiences after several years of giving them more new client meetings.

The challenge

Appointing sales meetings is time-consuming. For a company like 3C Online’s client, service to existing customers must always come first. At the same time, there is often an ambition to grow. The audit firm therefore looked a couple of years ago for a partner who could provide their auditors with meetings with potential clients.

The Solution

3C Online engaged its office in Sweden in order to create a local presence in the nordic part of the country. In consultation with the audit firm, various companies and businesses in this area were contacted. The goal: To appoint new customer meetings.

This is how we did it

The number of meetings booked by 3C Online is not the same as valuable meetings for our client. In order for meetings to be truly valuable for the potential customer and our client, the activity is carried out according to 3C Online’s proven method:

  • The calls are carried out with local anchoring, which results in a local anchoring in the dialogue. For physical meetings, the effect was that more meetings could be booked during the same day.
  • In order to make it as easy as possible for the potential client to decide on a meeting, three advantages of the audit firm are presented and why a meeting with them is worth the time.
  • Appointments are booked within a few days of the phone call. In this way, timeliness and interest in meeting the audit firm is maintained. In addition to confirming the date, time and who would meet, the purpose and objectives of the meeting were also summarized.
  • Online appointment bookers do not receive a commission per booked or completed meeting. Instead, it is the same pay regardless of the success of each call. This means that the booker can safely and securely spend time in each conversation but also choose to refrain from booking a meeting that would probably not be fruitful.

Result – a multi-year collaboration

Online began the collaboration with the audit firm five years ago. From when the assignment consisted of a few local offices, the assignment has grown beyond the Swedish market. On average, we book 17% of all completed calls or 0.70 booked appointments per hour.

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