Boost customer success – how the helpdesk adds value

Many start-ups and IT companies think that they don’t need a service like ours. They’re growing quickly, things progress well and they take turns managing the service desk internally. Despite that, we believe that it’s exactly in that situation that they need our expertise the most. Right there, bang in the middle of the growth phase, a well-functioning helpdesk can contribute enormously.

There are many reasons why businesses, and perhaps especially start-ups and tech companies, are reluctant to invest in customer support. Perhaps they’re small enough that they feel they don’t get enough customer queries – yet. Perhaps it’s about a need for control and a sense that no one else understands their app or service the way they do. And there can of course be a lot to both of those assumptions – but we’ve seen that helpdesk and customer support are always worth investing in regardless.

The relationship between growth and the volume of customer cases is a key consideration for growth companies. You as a business can’t grow without the number of customer queries also going up. But how can you focus on growing the business in a stable, efficient way, if simultaneously you also need to manage a growing number of issues and questions from customers? And without experience of customer support, how can you prevent that the customer experience deteriorates? Many start-ups are in with a good chance of success – but every single bad customer rating can be devastating for both your credibility and your reputation.

When we were hired by Telenor Software Labs, we managed to cut the number of customer cases that were escalated to the developers by 60% in three months. With 1st line support via live chat and email 8am to 10pm every day, we were able to identify the technical issues that needed fixing, all while radically improving the customer experience. Soon enough, our 1st line support was able to handle 96% of all queries.

The effect? Freed-up time for the developers, who in consultation with the support team could prioritise and implement improvements as requested by the customers – as well as happier customers, naturally.

Focus on what you do best, and we’ll help you grow

We believe in focusing on what you’re best at, and you’re of course best at exactly what you do. What we’re best at is to look after customers and users in such a way that they’re satisfied, regardless of whether we’re able to help them or not. We listen – but not just to your customers. We can step in gradually and slowly take over your service desk to become a part of your operations, with integrated systems and continuous communication. It’s not about outsourcing in the traditional sense. It’s about entering a collaboration where you feel completely safe and secure in handing over your customer relationships to us, simply because you need to be able to focus on other stuff.

In addition to the myth that you don’t need to invest in customer support, we’ll also gladly burst another myth: that of what outsourced customer support actually is. Forget old notions of part-time staff with a side gig on top of their studies, answering quickly with predetermined response options. Forget collaboration partners who are only interested in as many customer cases as possible.

We only work with full-time staff, with agents with competence and genuine qualifications – and we help you to eliminate problems so that you can grow and the service desk can be as effective as possible. You don’t need to let go of control, but instead of managing 100 unnecessary cases you can manage the 2nd or 3rd line support, and take care of the few customers who actually need help with something truly complex.

On the whole, it’s about trust, and it’s about a collaboration where everybody wins – not just right now, but over the long-term. Ask Telenor Software Labs.