2022 Employee Survey – we’re setting a new record!

Ahead of the 2021/22 financial year, we set up a bunch of new work environment goals. For a number of years, our Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) had been showing that we have ‘satisfied employees’, with an index of just below 75, where the category for ‘very satisfied employees’ begins. One of our new work environment goals was that this year, we would reach all the way to the top category.

Now the result is here, and our employee survey shows a number of positive trends – not least that we have indeed achieved our goal. Finally, we made it not just to but all the way across that last hurdle: with an Employee Satisfaction Index of 77, we can proudly conclude that our employees really are happy at work.

The number of Online employees who agree with the statement “I am happy at work” reaches 94%, the highest result we’ve ever had. Also the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), which measures employee loyalty, is the highest it’s been since 2018.

So what is it that makes our employees so happy at work?

Many of them highlight the colleagues and the camaraderie: “Lovely colleagues, a transparent organisation. The company prioritises its staff.” One emphasises “good colleagues, managers who listen and care”, while another mentions “the work environment, the Online vibe overall”.

Influence and the feeling of really contributing are other sentiments that echo throughout the responses. “I get to work with fun tasks and people and feel that I make a difference”, says one employee. “That I feel that I’m contributing valuable work”, says another. A third: “When I feel involved, understand underlying factors and when I feel I make a difference in the team.”

For many people, it’s also about something greater – about helping customers and finding a flow. “When I feel that I help both customers and my employer”, one member of staff says in response to the question of when the work is the most engaging. “When I get into it to the extent where I forget about time, when there’s a ‘wow’ factor”, says another.

Significant improvement

When it comes to information and communication internally, we’re seeing improvement across all questions compared to last year’s survey, and many have improved quite significantly since 2018.

The improvements in terms of the conditions for recovery are also worth noting, not least since these went down somewhat throughout the pandemic.

With regards to work environment and expectations, we score exceptionally high and note a radical improvement over time, in particular when it comes to the treatment among and trust for both colleagues and managers. Here we reach almost all the way to 100% in some instances.

Working from home

It’s clear that many of our employees enjoy working from home, and nine out of ten say that they want to continue to work remotely at least to come extent. ”I’ve really enjoyed working from home and have been at Online for long enough that it’s easy to stay in touch with colleagues and managers without seeing them in person”, one employee comments, while another responds to a question about what contributes to workplace well-being with “that I can work from home and if I need support it’s only a phone or video call away”.

The new way of working, which the pandemic brought with it, has become part of a natural development for us, rather than a temporary fix. When other organisations returned to fixed routines for office work, we took what we’d learnt from the pandemic and decided to keep going on the same track; since our organisation is able for it, we don’t need to go back to old habits.

It’s very clear to us that our employees are happier with this new way of working and the freedom under responsibility that is required in order for remote work to truly work – and the 2022 Employee Survey is proof of that. Our staff appreciate not having to spend as big a chunk of their salary on commuting, and escaping the kind of stress that the journey to and from work sometimes brings, and we’re convinced that safe and grateful employees are even better able to help us with our mission: to add value for our partners and help them build customer relationships.


Naturally, remote work naturally also comes with certain challenges – one being the social aspect, which, after all, continues to be important and a key reason why so many members of staff want to keep meeting in person in the office.

This is evident, among other things, in the responses to the question of when our employees feel the most engaged in their work. “When we work together and come up with new ideas, in particular when we meet in person”, one member of staff responds, while another says “when there’s variety at work, competitions, activities, normal work. Also when a lot of people are in and the office is busy.”

This is why we make sure to head in to the office on an ongoing basis, ideally every week. It’s the balance that gives us a sustainable, fun working life in the long-run.

What is ESI and why does it matter?

Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) is based on an overall assessment of how satisfied each and every one of the employees is with their work situation, to what extent the place of work lives up to their expectations, and how close to an ideal workplace they believe it to be. The result is an index from 0 to 100:

75-100 = Very satisfied

55-74   = Satisfied

41-54   = Dissatisfied

0-40    = Very dissatisfied

Generally speaking, satisfied employees tend to be more productive and effective, they have a lower number of sick days and are less likely to change jobs. They also talk more positively about their employer to the outside world.

When we started measuring ESI in 2018, we got a result of 63. That has gone up ever since, and we’re thrilled to now boast an index of 77 and a gang of truly satisfied co-workers!